One-Line Bio

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I have been in this ministry since 1978. I was led by the Lord never to charge anyone for anything I do in my ministry. Jesus has made it so I would have to walk in faith and let Him take care of the needs of this ministry. Jesus will speak to the hearts of people to support my ministry without me asking. Christ has blessed me, He has continued to lead people to help me keep the books in print and have resources that I need to keep spreading His Words. As you can see, you can even download by book at my site for free. My speaking engagements are free as well. In the past people have been led by the Holy Spirit to take up a love offering but I leave that up to the Lord as well. If you would like to help and Jesus speaks to your heart you can contact me at this address. I do not want anyones help that the Lord hasn't spoken to. I am one of the very few teaching Jesus who can honestly say, I want nothing from you except the chance to lead you to Salvation in Christ Jesus. I was born for to generation to preach the Good News of Christ Jesus and to wake up a sleeping Church. Christ has commissioned me to warn as many as will listen concerning His end times signs. I have only one main goal. To finish the race for Christ and to enter heaven with an army of people Jesus allowed me to lead to Him.
Frank DiMora


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