Iran has threatened to raze Tel Aviv ‘to the ground’ in a chilling video explaining how Tehran would respond to an Israeli strike on its nuclear plant. The violent video – shared on Twitter – begins by acknowledging how the Zionist regime conducted ‘another joint exercise with the US’ to ‘simulate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities’.

A confident reporter in the video said: ‘Let’s assume that Israeli jets manage to reach the Natanz nuclear site in one piece, and let’s assume that they manage to bomb this site and damage it.

‘The question is whether there would be any base left for them to land at.’ The two-and-a-half-minute video – posted by @MEMRIReports – contains violent footage of missiles going off and several terrifying explosions to demonstrate what would happen to Tel Aviv.


‘This is what the first few minutes of the Iranian response will look like,’ the video explained.